Monday, August 01, 2005

Expanded packing update

Laura suggests the following packing list (thanks, Laura!):

Tent, sleeping bags, pads or air mattresses, pillows.
Clothing and personal toiletry items (Note: no running water at the campsite)
For the camp area: lawn chairs, firewood, any "camp-life" items you may have such as water containers, lanterns, clothes-line, etc. etc.
Food and eating: Your own breakfast, lunches, and snacks, as well as items for Friday evening cook-out. Your own cooking supplies as needed (Celeste and Laura will both bring stoves, so if you don't have one, don't worry). Plates, bowls, and silverware. Since there is no running water at the campsite, I recommend paper.
For the water: Swimsuits, towels, beach blankets, sunscreen, floats or water toys, water shoes or sandals, buckets and shovels.
In case the weather is bad (it is not supposed to be): raingear, a warm hat, card games, books, and other foul-weather diversions


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